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District Leadership for 2019-20

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Venkata Ramana Dittakavi District Director Toastmaster since 2005 unofficially, but a Charter Treasurer of the first Community Club, Hyderabad Toastmasters - 946002 since November 2006. Toastmasters journey started from District 82P and a Division F Governor in D 82. Took roles at District level in D 42 as Asst. LGET, District Chief Judge, District DCP Chair and District Secretary (now known as DAM). After split, in D98, he was the Chief Ambassador for Pathways. Had to take up the role of PQD during 2018-19. In D41 he was 2nd Runner up at District Humorous Speech Contest.
Mukta Nadkar Program Quality Director Mukta has have been a Toastmaster for over 12 years. She has served as a Club Officer for more than 10 terms and a District Officer for 4 years. Currently, she is the Program Quality Director of District 98. She has been an International Speech contestant at District Level twice and completed her Distinguished Toastmaster journey 3 times.
Dipankar Das Club Growth Director Distinguished Toastmaster Dipankar is presently serving as the Club Growth Director of District 98 looking after the Club Growth, Membership Building, Membership Renewals, and Marketing activities for District 98 in seven states of India encompassing Central, West and South India. Previously he has served as Presidents Distinguished Division Director , he was awarded the Best Division Director in his tenure. He has also served as Presidents Distinguished Area Director, when he was awarded the Champion Area Director. He is also the Charter President of Vadodara Toastmasters Club, the first community club in Vadodara, in his tenure the club won the Diamond Club Award, highest recognition for a club in District. A Coin of Honour recipient, as Division Director he has transformed Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh to become two Divisions adding 10 Clubs in one tenure.
Professionally he is in Learning and Development specializing in Career Progression and Leadership Development with a leading MNC where he been recognized as an High Impact Individual. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from NIT Silchar and has experience in organizations like General Electric, Alstom, Reliance. He has been certified in Planning and Analysis by George Washington University. It was Toastmasters which helped him to make a career switch from core engineering to his passion Learning and Development.
He has also represented India in South Asian Youth Summit 2017, as a Delegate and a Speaker. A RYLA Awardee he has experience of volunteering in NGOs like Friends Society, Helpage India.
Aaron Colaco District Administration Manager Distinguished Toastmaster Aaron Colaco received the Toastmaster of the Year award from District 98 for the year 2017-18.He has served as an Area Director. As the Club President at Eminent Toastmasters he helped the club become President Distinguished for the very first time. He has received the Tripartite award twice. He was awarded the Pristine award during Eloquence 2018. He has served as a Club Officer for 4 different roles.
Revathi Mocherla District Finance Manager
Ravi Sharma District Public Relations Manager Ravi joined Toastmasters in 2016 and has contributed in various capacities as a VP Membership, to an Area Director being recognised as a Champion Area Director, a Division Director where the Division was recognised as the President's Distinguished Division to now serving as the District Public Relations Manager. He was awarded the Toastmaster of the Year Award for 2016-17 for Division B and was also conferred upon with the aRISE value ambassador award at the executive committee level. He is the charter President of Andheri Orators Toastmasters Club. Serving in these capacities Ravi helped Toastmasters grow in the city of Mumbai and Goa and is now helping it to spread across 7 states of Western, Central and Southern India.
Ravi Teja Marrapu Immediate Past District Director
Extended Team
Avinash Kumar Sharma District Club Coach Chair
Ramakanth Konatham Club Coach Manager
Ankit Dasgupta Club Extension Chair - Community
Shubhangi Pandey Club Extension Chair - Corporate
Mario Rozario Club Extension Chair - New Initiatives
Shireesh Nadkar, DTM DCP & Awards Chair
G. K. Aajay District 98 Pathways Chair
Bharat Shah District Audit Committee Chair
Mayuri Assudani District Chief Judge
Basudhara Choudhuri District Communications Chair
Vijay Kalke District Credentials Chair
Pavan Teja Basva District Logistics Manager
Mayank Naidu District Marketing Manager
Haleemunnisa Fatima District Newsletter Editor
Dr. Chandrashekar D P District Parliamentarian
Smita Mishra District Training Manager
Ron Billimoria District Webmaster
Divison Directors
Jasvindersingh Bhatti Division Director A
Avaanticka Narayan Division Director B
Harshad Khiera Division Director C
Amandeep Singh Division Director D
Harshita Lalchand Division Director E
Satish Reddy Eadala Division Director F
Divesh Tiwari Division Director G
Joy B Hans Division Director H
Mythili Sarathy Division Director J
Vinay Kumar Srivastava Division Director M
Akhil Pillai Division Director O
Himanshu Inamdar Division Director P
Area Directors - Division A
Khushboo Kanodia Area Director A1
Deval Patel Area Director A2
Aviral Patle Area Director A3
Jyotendra Sharma Area Director A4
Area Directors - Division B
Tapas Saha Area Director B1
Saikumar Iyer Area Director B2
Neha Warrier Area Director B3
Shekhar Khobrekar Area Director B4
sanjan shetty Area Director B5
Ranjini Rao Area Director B6
Area Directors - Division C
Ankit Pachauri Area Director C1
Ravi Asher Area Director C2
Sanjay R Area Director C3
Vishnu Medikonda Area Director C4
Sandesh Banger Area Director C5
Area Directors - Division D
Sakshi Srivastava Area Director D1
Suneel Potdar Area Director D2
Satish Poondla Area Director D3
Shweta Saraf Area Director D4
Sushil Pawar Area Director D5
Area Directors - Division E
Manideep Area Director E1
Raja Shekhar Satyaram Area Director E2
Sandeep Raj Madasu Area Director E3
Sanjona Jonnavithula Area Director E4
Adnan Ali Area Director E5
Area Directors - Division F
Uday Kiran Sodima Area Director F1
Annish Mohapatra Area Director F2
Jayasree Karthik N S Area Director F3
Saisudhan Sutrave Area Director F4
Annem Yasaswini Area Director F5
Area Directors - Division G
Sainadh Gupta Area Director G1
Vineela Padmaja Balla Area Director G2
Gautam Ayyalasomayajula Area Director G3
Siddharth Vedulla Area Director G4
Surekha Thandra Area Director G5
Area Directors - Division H
Devika Padam Area Director H1
Animesh Mahapatra Area Director H2
Chaitanya V Area Director H3
Eshant Gupta Area Director H4
Manav Makhija Area Director H5
Area Directors - Division J
Mrunal Hatwar Area Director J1
Akashdeep Agarwal Area Director J2
Vaishalee Sheth Mavani Area Director J3
Area Directors - Division M
Deepa Rajendra Shetty Area Director M1
Santosh Akella Area Director M2
Ajay Kumar Area Director M3
Syona Fernandes Area Director M4
Clyde Tellis Area Director M5
Utkarsh Ajay Shah Area Director M6
Area Directors - Division O
Vasudha Lal Area Director O1
Nabanita Das Area Director O2
Suhas Ananthanarayanan Area Director O3
Ramya Kesharwani Area Director O4
Vikram Sikka Area Director O5
Area Directors - Division P
Pramod P B Area Director P1
Neil Doshi Area Director P2
Sagar Pawar Area Director P3
Dhaval Vyas Area Director P4
Jayeshkumar Pindoriya Area Director P5