Events Schedule

Quarter Month Date Range Event
Quarter 1 July Month Toastmasters Leadership Training Program -1
August 19-24 Aug TRIO Training / Convention  - Colorado , US
24-Aug WCPS Screening
Month Area and Division Council Meeting
September 15-Sep 10 a.m. District Council Meeting (Virtual)
Month Club Contests
Quarter 2 October Month Area Contests, Division Contests
November 9 -10 Nov District Executive Committee Meeting -2
Month Division Contests
December Month Division Contests
Quarter 3 January Month Toastmasters Leadership Training Program -2
2-3 Jan TRIO Mid Year Training – Chennai
February 1 – 2 Feb District Executive Committee Meeting – 3
March Month Club Contests, Area Contests
Quarter 4 April Month Area / Division Council meetings and Contests
May To be finalised District Conference and DEC Meeting – 4
June Month Transition to next Team