District Director’s Message

It is wonderful to begin another Toastmasters year with loads of gratitude and a ray of hope. I am thankful to every member of the District for showing courage, resilience, enthusiasm and empathy, in making the past fifteen months ‘worth it’. I feel proud that as a large community of Toastmasters, we have stayed the course and made our District Distinguished. I hope that we will continue with the same spirit of joy and determination.

My vision for the coming year is simple… to be Strong, Sustainable, and Successful.

What does it mean to be Strong? We need to develop the right attitude, uphold the core values of our organisation and never give up, or give in. We need to help, guide and support one another while doing projects, work in teams, and encourage our fellow members to be better. This will give us strength, keep us united, keep us interested. It will help us grow our numbers in clubs so that we can enjoy better participation and with it, better learning.

Effort is required to remain Sustainable. Good quality meetings will be key. We will need to introduce variety in our meetings, conduct joint events and establish a sense of camaraderie and friendship. We don’t need to be competitive, except at contests. We need to instead focus on the individual member’s purpose for being a Toastmaster, for remaining a Toastmaster.

Success will follow. If we create strong individuals, sustain our clubs and community, success will be a given. But it will need the collective will of members. As leaders we will need to motivate and inspire, set the right tone and lead by example.

Being Strong, Sustainable and Successful is a choice. We will need to make that choice so that we can transition effortlessly and victoriously into 3 Districts next year. So let us reflect, reassess and rework our goals for the coming year. Let us work and hope to do better and be better.

Christopher Reeve once said, ‘Once you choose hope, anything’s possible’.

Stay safe, stay strong.

Mukta Nadkar, DTM

District Director, District 98